Strained Yogurt 10%

  • TYRAS yogurts are produced from fresh cow milk, yogurt cultures and milk cream. They are characterized by their dense and richly velvety texture. Based on our long Greek tradition of yogurt production, we present you with a full range of products with a distinct taste, that promise to offer you a whole new experience of yogurt enjoyment.
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Packaging Shelf-life Τεμάχια / Κιβώτιο Pieces/Carton
1kg Πλαστικός κουβάς 55 days 6 99
5kg Πλαστικός κουβάς 55 days 1 120

Nutrition Declaration

Nutrition Declaration Per: 100gr
Energy 557kj/134kcal
Fat 10,0g
of which saturates 6,2g
Carbohydrate 4,0g
of which sugars 4,0g
Protein 7,0g
Salt 0,2g

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