TYRAS cleared the city’s entrances – Water bottles were the most of the pollutants

With an organized initiative, within the framework of its corporate responsibility and in cooperation with the municipality of Trikala, the TYRAS dairy industry contributed last Saturday to the cleaning of garbage from specific points in our city.

The action was carried out with a rented workshop at the four entrances of Trikala (Karditsis, Larissa, Kalambaka, Pylis) and along the peripheral road Trikala – Ioannina (in the section from OAED to Bara).

The quality of the waste collected and led to the landfill by the Municipality’s vehicles is in line with the consumption habits of all of us the past years. Plastic bottles of water dominate everywhere, with second in pollution plastic coffee cups.

In a short event at Kalambaka Street, at the time of the workers’ breaks, the mayor Dimitris Papastergiou, TYRAS President Takis Sarantis, Police Director Giorgos Spiliopoulos, the Decentralized Administration Director in Trikala Giorgos Zitouos,  Deputy Mayor Panayiotis Dintis, officials of the Municipality, members of TYRAS and journalists were present.

Workers and other attendees were offered TYRAS T-shirts and Olympus products from a car-cooler that remained on site during the works.


Dimitris Papastergiou: “We are a different society that appears in all its manifestations. We work together with TYRAS group, but this is not enough; it is also necessary for schools to take action. In this wonderful area we live, we have to convey the message that we should not waste anywhere, what we do not need. The Municipality alongside the Decentralized Administration make good efforts, but we must also as citizens take care of cleanliness . “

Takis Sarantis: “We all live in Trikala, we love this city and we want it to be clean. Our current initiative and all the efforts made by the Municipality are not enough. An environmental education process must be launched by schools. The cleanliness of the city must be done by all of us. We thank the Municipality of Trikala for the cooperation. “