Massachusetts Media Lab Director Michalis Bletsas, guest of TYRAS!

Massachusetts Media Lab Director Michael Bletsas, captivated his audience.

At the Sunday evening event in Trikala, organized by TYRAS dairy industry and with the patronage of the Municipality of Trikala, in the crowded hall of the Spiritual Center of the city, the Greek researcher referred to the challenge of artificial intelligence that we already encounter in a number of technological applications .

“When we talk about artificial intelligence we are not talking about revolution in
science, we are talking about yet another component that accelerates developments,
we speak, in the current form of artificial intelligence, that the main Mechanism is mechanical learning”, he stated.

Mr. Bletzas was addressed and thanked, with brief greetings, by the mayor of Trikala Dimitris Papastergiou, the chairman of TYRAS Takis Sarantis and the CEO Michalis Sarantis, whilst commemorative gifts were given from both the Municipality and the company.

Mr Bletsas draws his origins from Palaiomonastiro village in Trikala, where his grandfather Michalis Bletsas lived and grew up. Indeed, on Saturday afternoon, he visited the village, accompanied by Mr. Papastergiou, where he was given a touching welcome.

Mr Bletsas’ entire lecture is available on the channel of TYRAS in YOUTUBE: