Knowledge and Expertise

The passion and love for the dairy and cheese industry, in combination with the knowledge and experience of years in this field, led the brothers Dimitris and Michalis Sarantis, together with their father Stergios Sarantis, to the founding of TYRAS  in 1985. 

Today, after three generations of experience and commitment to the values of the past, we look ahead to the future with optimism and honesty to our suppliers and partners, and together we take the step towards a new era.

We maintain the values that are at the core of our DNA and the cornerstone of our philosophy and that have given us a dominant position in the market by modernizing our image. This brings us even closer to the professional and the consumer, by paying attention to their needs.

Our vision and goal: The production and supply of a wide variety of cheese and dairy products of excellent quality and taste.

Our philosophy: To always look ahead and constantly evolve and conquer new goals, by offering quality products and unique flavors


Specialized employees

 57.395 τ.μ.

State-of-the-art & Advanced facilities

Our Facilities

In a fully vertical production unit, we create products that cover all the categories of dairy and cheese goods.

Continuous improvement

At TYRAS, our aim is to increase the satisfaction level of our customers, focusing on the continuous improvement of the trusted methods of production and distribution of our products.

Investing in the future

From the beginning to the end of the production process, we invest in the know-how and the most modern equipment that will bring us greater speed and quality efficiency.

Transparency in the foreground

Our facilities comply with all the necessary health protocols, protection measures and provisions provided by law, thus ensuring the best quality of our products.

Our Certifications

TYRAS products are produced within the framework of integrated control systems, which are constantly upgraded. Our products meet all quality standards as defined by the Greek Food and Beverage Protocol and current European legislation.

Having a certified laboratory for control and analysis by the Ministry of Agriculture, we apply the integrated quality management system ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2015, which covers the entire production cycle of the company, from the collection of raw materials to the marketing of the final products.

Due to our important position in the food industry, we continue our efforts to produce food in healthy and safe conditions, resulting in the development and implementation of a Food Safety Management System according to the standard ELOT EN ISO 22000: 2018.

The name and quality of TYRAS products expanded very quickly and internationally. For this reason, a quality system has been implemented that meets the requirements of the English standard BRC (British Retail Consortium) as well as the German standard IFS (International Food Standard).


Thanks to the Kosher and Halal certifications of TYRAS, our products are produced based on the Jewish as well as the Muslim food production standards.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

TYRAS, in addition to its constant care for the production of quality and safe products, takes a position on environmental issues.


We have developed and implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with the requirements of the standard ENISO 14001: 2015, which covers all the activities of the company.


TYRAS implements the current legislation aimed at the continuous improvement of its environmental performance, operating in an environmentally prudent and sustainable way. We are constantly on the lookout for new technologies that can be applied at all stages of the process, aiming to reduce the waste generated.

For the treatment of its waste, TYRAS is utilizing environmentally friendly technologies that are classified in the Best Available Techniques of the IPPC EC Directive 96/61 of the European Union and has made an innovative investment for the purpose of both environmental and energy benefit.


We have installed an upgraded system of anaerobic treatment and utilization of wastewater in the production process, with simultaneous production of biogas and a management unit of sludge produced by the system through drying and incineration, which is the most complete and definitive disposal method.


Thus, the biogas produced will largely replace the need for conventional fuels.

The implementation of systematic collection, sorting and disposal for recycling of the solid waste of TYRAS, contributes substantially to the achievement of the Greek Objectives to maximize the advantage of recycling.


With this investment, the Corporate Social Responsibility towards the environmental issues is highlighted in practice, as well as the participation of the company in the saving of the natural resources of the planet, through the utilization of biomass as a renewable energy source.