vision and goals

the knowledge & experience of their long-standing presence combined with their love for the dairy and cheese industry led the brothers Dimitris and Michalis Sarantis and their father Stergios Sarantis at the foundation of TYRAS in 1986.
Today, TYRAS as a member of the Hellenic Dairies Group, after three generations of experience and commitment to the values of the past, looks forward with optimism to the future, faces honestly its suppliers and partners and all together we make a step towards a new era.



All TYRAS products fulfill the quality requirements specified by the Hellenic Food and Drinks Code and the E.U. legislations concerning the dairy products’ production.

TYRAS’ dedication to quality is reflected in all the stages of the production process. Our environmental sensitivity, the strict specifications we apply on all the production stages, the best quality and safety of our products aim at the absolute satisfaction of the consumer. Our company applies complete control systems for its products since the early years of its establishment which it continually upgrades.

Poiotita TYRAS